by LeRoy

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“It’s more timeless than fashionable” is a line, or at least sentiment, you hear many artists spout when referring to their own music. However, more often than not, it’s an idealism rooted more in fantasy or delusion than reality.
Although when LeRoy (the Munich-based one-man project of Leo Hopfinger) says it of his album, a record crammed with Krautrock dub, lo-fi funk, esoteric jams and DIY sparseness, it seems almost irrefutable. There is a refined quality to the record, whilst diverse and stylistically broad, there is a plain, straight forward approach to the album that almost feels like it’s a long-lost bedroom recording dug up in parts over decades. This approach was intentional, “I started to restrict things. To become very simple and focused.” He says, “Straight up, no gimmicks”. There was also an intentional element to include some moments that didn’t turn out as planned, “For me it is important to keep all the mistakes in the songs because they make the sound more human and sympathetic.” Despite their being a purity and honesty to the sounds captured on this record – the opening ‘Like a Disease’ sounding like a long lost Faust classic – there is a purposeful creative vision behind that approach, “Nowadays everybody can produce bold sounding songs, so that's no big thing for me.”

However, whilst this record unquestionably delves deep into the experimental and sonically erratic, there remains an undercoating of accessibility that carries this record with a flowing charm that results in a record possessing one of the most genuinely sought after and difficult attributes to attain: originality.

Released by Schamoni Musik


released October 9, 2015

Artwork by hank schmidt in der beek



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